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Unpretentious down to earth farmers, cowboys, construction workers, enlisted military and other blue collar men and their livestock. This will be a beast/zoo friendly blog.

Hold that pussy up boy. 

This is the position every faggot must learn 

When you go from 4 buds to 3 buds and a cock sucker. Funny what happens when you get horny. 

It’s not a bro anymore. Just a hole to use.

His two little girls are in bed. His wife is out having dinner with her sisters. They all adore him. He has the life he always dreamed about. So why can he only think about the men who use him at the rest stop on his way home from work? He tries to convince himself it's rape, but he knows it's not. Every day he leaves work determined not to stop, but the next thing he knows, he finds his car parked in the last spot, close to the trees. He walks into the woods and falls to his knees. Those few moments after work every day, with a stranger's cock making him choke or ripping his ass open, are the moments he lives for now.



The duck hunters always bring their slaves now to go searching in the reed beds for the downed ducks.  So much easier to command than the dogs that used to be used.  And it gives owners an opportunity to compare their slaves, and perhaps even trade them.  Mind you, it's not necessarily a good way of selecting a new slave - the icy cold water can mean that you don't get a "true" view of the slave's cock as it is shriveled up.

Daniel Radcliffe